Wednesday 13 June 2012

Please support the campaign to save lennox

While I know my readership isn't high I wanted to share the following in the hope that if even one of you signs the petition then we can help push up the numbers to the point where we cannot be ignored.

If you care about animals and are as gobsmacked as me by the groundless adherance to the letter of the unjust Breed Specific Legislation in Belfast then please sign the petition to save lennox - condemned to be destroyed for basically looking like a dog that wouldn't necessarily be dangerous anyway - for more - please spread the word and try and get this ruling overturned

Tuesday 12 June 2012

Microsoft conferences online

As this has come up a few times lately I just wanted to post some links up to the online archives for the various Microsoft conferences. I have to say the fact that you can get at these archives permanently, as well as when the conferences are still running is just one of the reasons I love MS's attitude to developer relationships.

The conferences do have different focuses, but these days you will normally find something on most subjects at any of the conferences.

Teched (which is running now, at the time I write this post) - this one is normally quite heavy on IT, but with some interesting dev pieces in there
Build - this one is for the devs, though quite a bit on design/UI as well. This first ran in 2011 to introduce us to Windows 8 / Visual Studio 2012 -

The Professional Developer Conference (PDC) - the key's in the name - for devs mainly, was the forerunner to Build - Archives from 1991 to 2010 are at

MIX - mainly for designers tho with some dev in there aswell - archives from 2006 to 2011 are at

These are all worth a look through - there are 1000s of hours of the best insight to working with the MS platforms you could possibly hope for.